Marine Hitek | STEEL DOCK
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products with the lightest and lowest cost floating structures between our group. Factory production environment as well as quick field setup is very practical. Hot-dip galvanized for corrosion resistant steel structure to remain for a long time used is maintained. Wood and wood-like appearance of the terms used above has an extremely elegant composite coating with an architect.

Width 1m – 5m
Length 4m – 12m
Height 30cm – 70cm
Weight 1 t – 2,5 t
Freeboard 25cm – 100cm
Yüzdürücülük 100kg / m3 – 400kg / m3

Coating Options


suitable for those who want simplicity. Natural-looking, cost-free and durable.


They appeal to the eye and using cases to provide ease of use with natural wood or composite wood is your choice.

Specialty Coatings

We have the ability to design freely in accordance with your thoughts and your dreams.

Connectivity Options
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